We eat, drink and sleep this stuff!
For us, it's about experience, dedication, and pure love of what we do. 

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Located in Carlisle, PA, we service all of Central Pennsylvania, as well as hospitals and health care organizations across the United States. You don't have to be local to the area to be treated like a neighbor. We've delivered on all kinds of creative requests from customers who are simply looking for quick and easy solutions. 

Our health care customers rely on our knowledge and experience with producing quality post-operative splints. It's important to them to provide comfort to their patients who are recovering from surgery, and require cushions and splints to protect them from re-injuring recent incisions. We also brand them for added value. 

Our local schools and club sports organizations rely on our custom uniforms and trophies, from season-to-season.

Our corporate customers rely on our attention to their custom branded promotional items, awards, and branded apparel. 

Non-profit customers count on our competitive pricing, and client-friendly practices.

And you can rely on the fact that we do not cut corners to turn profits. We value our relationships, and appreciate all business. 

Contact us for a free quote, and let us show you how great your next promotion, awards banquet, uniform purchase, or apparel order can be. 

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